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Hello Elizabeth

In 2012 a bunch of clever and slightly spur-of-the-moment people got together with the idea of opening a really big cafe. Some said it was a super idea and others thought it wouldn't work at all. The slightly spur-of-the-moment people pressed on anyway and six months later Elizabeth put on her crown and opened her doors to the world......

The clever people had no idea that Elizabeth would be so headstrong and frankly just down-right naughty alot of the time. It took a little while to tame her tempestuous ways but her persistence for excellence was always inherent. Her coffee needed to be very very good. Her food was to be classic with a twist and her art and stage was, well, slick, interesting and elusive.

Her subjects were required to perform to the highest of standards and were to always be on their best behaviour (sometimes if they were naughty she would send them to the tower; just like her predecessor).


Time has galloped by and Elizabeth could not be prouder. She has won the hearts of many a visitor and collected a couple of accolades on the way.

In 2014 she won the Westpac business customer service award for the Bay of Plenty region - most likely because her subjects were always good because they had in fact learnt their lesson from their time in the tower. She's also won the Beef and Lamb awards for 2014 and 2015. Good stuff chef subjects Her penchant for showing off is pretty evident. She's featured in a publication by Ben from The Block and the New Zealand Cafe Cookbook 2015.


Her subjects are totally chuffed with what they've achieved. They continue to work like dogs everyday but that's just the short and curly of working in hospitality I guess?  Next time you have a hankering for some great food, great coffee and great  service come and see Elizabeth to Eat. Drink. Enjoy.


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